Projects in Development


I Hate Silverlake

(Action / Buddy Comedy)

JUD lives in Silver Lake… and he fucking hates it. Moreover, he’s broke, his best friend’s a lunatic, oh, and his girlfriend is soul-sucking succubus… So when Jud’s friend BILLY concocts a longshot, hair-brained scheme that could change their lives forever, Jud’s all in… But what starts out as a merely impossible long shot, quickly turns into living nightmare… Now Jud and Billy have 24 hours to outsmart a double-dealing Lithuanian Transvestite, a dangerous gang of Mexican Drug Dealers, and a Fat Hairy Naked Dude with shotgun who wants to have sex with them… and the night hasn’t even started… On the flip side, Jud may have just found true love and figured a way out of the mess… Can Jud make it to the end of the night, get the girl and score big? … And will he ever get out of Silver Lake alive?


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Paranormal Ass Kickers Dot Com

(Supernatural / Action / Buddy Comedy)

When a bizarre, “demonic”, internet video turns out to be the only clue in the kidnapping of the Police Commissioner’s daughter, a hot shot LAPD detective must reunite with his two wholly-embarrassing, childhood friends who run a paranormal website. Paranormal Ass Kickers Dot Com, and the LAPD must join forces if they are to save a helpless teenage girl from a deranged lunatic and maybe, even… the whole world from Armageddon.

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A detective, grieving over the violent death of his wife, struggles with nightmares that he believes may actually be leading him to the murderer.

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(Grounded Sci-Fi / Thriller)

An unusual young girl goes missing in a small town, and as her mother enters a state of shock, her doctor tries to figure out who – or what – she really is.

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Yucca & The Moth

(Drama / Thriller)

A man wakes up naked and bound in the middle of the Mohave desert and must survive long enough to find his abducted wife.

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