Innovative Production Company

Los Angeles

LiveTribe is an innovative production company comprised of a multinational team of filmmakers. Our team, with its diverse talents, combines over 60 years of creative film-making experience with a highly personalized and often multi-platformed approach to each project.

The Team


Karen Lavender

Producer / Director
Karen draws a parallel with film and her extensive background in event production and documentary film-making:  diverse locations, international poeple, budget limitations and time restrictions – thinking quickly on your feet and having to bring the director and clients vision to life within a budget while coralling a bunch of creative rabble-rousers to all move forward in the same direction.


Gary Ravenscroft

Director / Cinematographer
Australian TV Commercial wunderkind Gary Ravenscroft is a multiple award-winning director and Australian Oscar (AFI) nominated feature film cinematographer. Ravenscroft possesses that rare combination of visual genius and narrative sensitivity that marks the truly gifted director.

Amanda Kiely

Amanda Kiely worked in the BBC’s film and TV production departments where she spent 5 years before coming to LA to work on a pilot. She ended up staying in the US and has been working in film and commercials for the past 15 years as a freelance producer, line producer and UPM.


John Kappa

Branding + Digital Design
Self Taught Designer been working with digital tools since I can remember. Love creating something new. Hate designers block. I specialise in Branding, Digital Design with an out-of-the-box thinking and approach.



Varda Bar-Kar

Writer / Director
Varda Bar-Kar is an award-winning director working with a select group of collaborators to create meaningful, engaging & innovative content for multiple platforms including theatrical, broadcast and the web. Varda brings an authentic voice and a commitment to artistry to everything she does.


Jimmy Ahlander

Director / 2D Graphics
Jimmy Ahlander attended the University of Skovde where he studied film and photography. The first animated short he made as part of his curriculum won him several awards and a scholarship for extraordinary talent in animation. He achieved his Bachelor of Arts in Film and Narrative Techniques and also spent several months teaching animation and compositing at the University after he graduated.