Innovative Production Company

Los Angeles

LiveTribe is a women-owned company which at it’s core is a storytelling force with a penchant for crafted realism. Driven by Creatives Karen Lavender and Gary Ravenscroft, who give their personal touch to every project, LiveTribe includes a collective of highly skilled artists who contribute their diverse talents to create standout content individualized to each project.



Karen Lavender

Director / Producer 
Karen Lavender grew up in South Africa with a big family that was both active in the arts and committed to offroad adventuring, with a passionate involvement in cars.  As a Director and Producer she carries with her the vibrancy of that outdoorsy spirit, along with the full-bodied drive to tell authentic and artistic human stories.


Gary Ravenscroft

Director / Cinematographer
Australian TV Commercial wunderkind Gary Ravenscroft is a multiple award-winning director and Australian Oscar (AFI) nominated feature film cinematographer. Ravenscroft possesses that rare combination of visual genius and narrative sensitivity that marks the truly gifted director.